Sukihana Explains Why She Told Bobbi Althoff She Is Not A Musician: ‘I Say Who I Am’
  • Suki wit da Good C****** is in the news once again.
  • Sukihana reiterated her claim on Bobbi Althoff’s show that she is not a musician in a viral clip.
  • The rapper/reality star came on The Really Good Podcast this week. Althoff asks Suki if she is a musician, and Suki responds by saying she is not, which confuses Althoff’s when Suki asks if she is calling her a magician.
  • Most got the joke, but others have been calling the rapper names for “not knowing” what a musician is, and she took to Twitter/X to defend herself.
  • “I say who I am and that’s a MOGUL,” she wrote with the viral clip. She then followed it up with a second post, adding, “Suki ain’t no musician she is a mogul.”
  • Do you think Sukihana really didn’t know what a musician was or was she gaslighting Althoff?