Treach Recalls Moment Tupac Stopped Making Positive Music
  • Recently, Treach opened up about the moment Tupac decided to stop making positive music and shift directions.
  • Treach said about Tupac’s legal battle with his sexual assault accuser, “The majority of the people out there was loving ‘Pac but you got your taunters and your haters and your trolls. A lot of the ones that were taunting him were females ’cause it was a sexual assault case.”
  • He continued, “And he was like, ‘Man, I would never think my own people would come for me when I rep the thugs, I speak for the women. I always had their back. Man, I’m never doing no f**king.”
  • He added, “That was the new ‘Pac. Muthaf**kas had got him fed the f**k up.”
  • What’s the worst betrayal you’ve ever faced in your life?