Trick Daddy Gets Angry at Women for Buying All the Stocking Caps at the Beauty Supply Store
  • Trick Daddy blames women for stocking cap shortage. The Miami rap legend urged women to stop buying stocking caps at beauty supply stores.
  • Trick Daddy posted a video on Instagram expressing his frustration with women buying stocking caps, and he says stocking caps are for men because they have a man’s face on them, so women should use something else for their wigs.
  • “I go to the store to get products and supplies that a man supposed to buy and y’all using all the [expletive] stocking caps on them wigs,” Trick began in his video. “Now I ain’t got no f**king stocking caps.”
  • “Y’all gotta figure out another way to put them wigs on and leave them stocking caps alone,” he continued. “There’s a man on the stocking cap thing. Why y’all using the muthaf**kin’ stocking caps on the muthaf**kin’ wigs?”
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