Tyler, The Creator Gets Response From Will.I.Am Over His Comments
  • Recently, Tyler, The Creator threw some light shade at The Black Eyed Peas’ frontman, will.i.am, and now will.i.am has responded to Tyler’s comments.
  • Tyler tweeted a sentimental message on Saturday in honor of BEP’s 1998 album Behind the Front’s 25th anniversary, thanking it for “helping shape my ear and getting me started to write words down.”
  • He said, “will. i. am is still a dipstick. BUT 25 years ago Behind The Front by the Black Eyed Peas (1998) released. one of the first hip hop albums I owned. 7 years old, I wrote my first rap to the second half of ‘positivity’ ( starts around the 5 minute mark). ‘the way you make me feel’ ( my favorite) melds perfectly with kim hills vocals.”
  • He continued, “Joints and jams’ simple yet incredible video is still something I awe over and ‘love won’t wait’…sheesh…still amazing! this album was my introduction to the sounds of bossa nova cause of the great ear will had for samples, which led to him doing that sergio mendes project almost a decade later.”
  • Will replied and added, “Thanks for the LOVE… I’m beyond proud of you. You’re an amazing contribution to the world of music and all things creative.”
  • What are the three best albums ever made in your opinion?