When I saw this story, I was like yeah, right, mmm hmm, okay!!!! Modern technology can create miracles and I marvel on how it continues to advance.  Whether you agree with this or not read on about why this married couple decided to do this and then come to your own conclusion?

Published on Sep 5, 2019

A 74-year-old woman delivered twin baby girls in Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur. Erramatti Mangayamma gave birth to twin babies through IVF technique. Both the babies are healthy and weighing around 2 kgs, said the doctor. Mangayamma hails from East Godavari district in Andhra. Her husband Rajarao is 80-years-old and a farmer by profession. The couple got married in 1962 but didn’t have a child.

What are your thoughts, do you think at the age they are they should have been allowed to have children through IVF?

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