YesJulz Leaks Damaging Messages After $7.7 Million Firing
  • Recently, Kanye West announced that he terminated YesJulz from his marketing team because of NDA violations, and now she has responded to Ye’s $7.7 million fine.
  • YesJulz shared text messages from Milo Yiannopolous that said, “Yews team not thrilled to be associated with this.”
  • He added in the text messages, “Surely the last thing we need is bright ideas from Down Syndrome megafans on social media. Half of these obsessive megafans online have developmental disorders.”
  • He continued, “I’m very much not a fan anyway of the fake sounding ‘Tell us what you think!’ outreach. Feels atrociously off brand for Ye and needs a rethink.”
  • She captioned the post, “Here’s what Milo, the Chief of Staff who controls who gets hired + fired & when they get paid, thinks about the very fan base that fought so hard to get Ye his first #1 in over a decade.”
  • She added, while supporting Ye, “An opportunity to finally dismantle the label system. & build a new one where fans & artists are in the driver’s seat, reaping the benefits and profits as they should be. That’s what Ye being #1 this time around means. That’s why rallying the fans is so important. F**k an NDA. Sue me.”
  • What do you think of YesJulz’s response to Kanye and his team?