Set of cartoon vector emoticons isolated on white background.

Anybody Else Text A Lot??

Yah Boy J-Fresh is the Text King! Sometimes I even find myself texting back in all emojis its crazy!

Maybe this is How the Egyptians felt when carving Hieroglyphics.


The Unicode Consortium is proposing a variety of new emojis.

The emojis are for both iOS and Android.

The final designs will be based on what Apple and Google choose.

Some of the proposed emoji ideas include:

    • hair pick
    • folding hand
    • donkey
    • moose
    • black bird
    • maracas
    • wing
    • high five
    • shaking face
  • The final list of new emojis will be out in September.
  • In recent years most of the draft emojis were accepted.
  • What is one emoji you wish would be added?