“3rd Baby Loading”: Navy Fears Third Baby On The Way As Rihanna Celebrates B-Day

A$AP Rocky recently hinted at “doing something special” for Rihanna’s birthday. The global pop star will celebrate her big day on February 20th, and the couple has big birthday plans. Rihanna supporters were excited when ASAP Rocky hinted at new music on the way, but when he mentioned doing “something special” with a sly smile for her birthday, fans became concerned that the couple could be trying for a third child.  Fans took Rocky’s smile to signal that he had plans for baby number three. One fan responded to the video, saying, “The smile might be hinting at a surprise drop from her, idk.” Another fan wrote, “Rocky, you already got two kids. Layoff so we can get an album!” A third warned Rocky, “He bet not get her pregnant I know that!” 

What do you think will be Rihanna’s next move?