Ab-Soul Says Drake Can Redeem Himself Following Kendrick Battle

Recently, Ab-Soul shared his opinion of Drake following Drake’s beef with Kendrick Lamar. Ab-Soul said, “If Drake is the MC I imagine he can be.” He continued, “Redemption is not off the table,” and he emphasized the word ‘MC’ in his post. He added, “But b4 my rant gets out of context. He could never F**c wit da Gang’Nem on sum rap s**t. That was Never a question. We could still ‘potentially’ match ‘artistry.’ (Removing my obvious personal/educated bias). If this is taken as an antic of any sort and not ISM. Well… get off if you mad then. Dead homies.” Ab-Soul continued, “This was not a rap battle. It was scripture.”

What do you think of Ab-Soul’s thoughts on the battle?