About Beasy Baybie

Beasy Baybie, a  Reading P.A. native,was raised in “the urban jungles” by a single mom. Beasy grew up in group homes, detention centers, foster care, and was homeless for a time as a teen. She has always journeyed the path less traveled and came to accept it as, not only a result of her choices, but also purpose filled — by God. Beasy was a teenage mother and now the mom of four beautiful daughters who keep her inspired and busy. She understands the importance of the journey and the “village”, so she spends a lot of her time serving others. Beasy rode the radio wave in from Charlotte,NC. There she rose through the ranks speedily as a result of her drive, passion, talent, and willingness to learn. She was added to the HOT family in Fall 2013 as Midday Turn Up Queen and has been the Metro’s “favorite homegirl” ever since. Currently, she keeps  her listeners energized Monday through Fridays, during the Afternoon Kickstart, from 3PM-6PM.  She’s  a social media fanatic with tens of thousands of followers, and she considers them all her extended family. @BeasyBaybie

“There are no fans; there’s family, friends, and business associates. Everyone else is just a part of the journey. Even if only as a lesson, but never as a fan. I’d have to be greater than you for you to be a fan and no man is greater than the other. All glory to God. I’m just Beasy.” –Beasy

In her spare time, Beasy Baybie speaks at elementary, middle and high schools; youth detention centers, churches and other community events. Encouraging youth and adults alike, to be all they can be. She accredits GOD and her work ethic for her success thus far. She is always looking for new opportunities to share her story and help others. Whether that be 1 or 1,000. Please email for more info/availability.

“Sky is not the limit, there are footprints on the moon…..and who knows who will break that barrier, never stop dreaming.”-Beasy