After Halle Bailey Confirmed The Birth Of Baby Halo, She Responded To A Fan Who Claimed She ‘Lied’ About Her Pregnancy

On Sunday (January 28), the actress responded to a Twitter user who accused her of “lying” about her pregnancy. The original tweet claimed Bailey had “lied” and “gaslit” people about pregnancy rumors. “I never lied or even said anything about it honey , making a joke about my nose was the farthest i [sic] went,” Bailey wrote. “I’ll never understand why you are mad i protected my own peace, wouldn’t you do the same? and i’m gonna share my pics now if i want to because my son is here safely, if u don’t wanna see it just keep scrolling, baby lol God bless you!” Bailey also responded to a user who advised her not to post pregnancy photos after having her son. “If u don’t care why are u responding then sweetheart. Just don’t care by living ur best life and not commenting on mine,” she added.  She ended the debate by writing, “lol my hormones have been on 10 recently, so i’m gonna go back to staying off Twitter. Love you all.”

Do you see it as Halle “lying” about her pregnancy or was she “protecting her peace?”