Akademiks Blames Meek Mill For Drake & Kendrick Lamar Battle

Recently, Akademiks continued to taunt Meek Mill and blame him for the Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef. Ak said, “What we’re seeing even with Drake and Kendrick – it’s Meek Mill’s fault.” He continued, “So now it’s given Drake the level of confidence to say, ‘Yo I’ve defeated the battlers of the battlers. These guys really don’t wanna see me.’ … And now we realize Meek Mill – as 50 Cent said – is a special type of stupid. Like literally, anybody could have defeated him. I defeated him on Twitter [and] he just blocked me.” He added, “The guy is so dumb. He’s one of the few people that you’re like, maybe we gave Drake too much credit for beating this guy. … Meek has a remedial, slower person’s brain. If you put an actual able-bodied brain in there, he might have beaten Drake.”

What do you think of Akademiks’ opinion on Meek Mill?