BIA Previews Cardi B Diss Track

Recently, Cardi B took shots at BIA on her verse of GloRilla and Meg’s track ‘Wanna Be,’ which garnered a response from BIA. After Cardi B went on IG Live threatening to sue BIA, BIA hopped on her Live to share a new track, where she is taking more shots at Cardi. BIA rapped, “Got a dark soul, got a bright future/Imma let her know I’m a sharp shooter/You ain’t nothin’ but a f**k girl, I see right through ya.” She continued, “Say you love yourself but you won’t put that on your kids/All that surgery and how your body is so mid. I thought your a*s was for the culture/You just tryna ride the wave/You should be home with your kids ’cause b***h you speak like you in second grade.” She captioned the Live, “‘SUE ME’ ??? That’s not hip hop.” BIA and Cardi’s beef stems from BIA claiming that Cardi is stealing her style, which Cardi denies.

Do you think Cardi B is stealing BIA’s style? Why or why not?