Cardi B Gets Candid About Disdain For Bia As Beef Intensifies With New Diss Track

The beef between Cardi B and Bia seems to have reached a boiling point. Cardi says that she attempted to resolve their issues directly. “The conversation started very nasty. It started very aggressive,” Cardi B admitted.  “I was coming at her, and she was coming at me. But then I called her back because…I’m so appalled at the fact that she thinks I’m copying her, or stealing from her, ‘cus there’s nothing that she do that I like. I don’t like her music, I don’t like her style…” She also threatened to release their conversation, saying: “I will put the conversations up…We ended up the conversation very nicely, and you still went to the internet dissing me…After the conversation, you went and you started saying I copied your music video…”

Have you chosen a side in this beef?