Cardi B Says She’s Leaving Toxic Energy in 2023, Takes Shot at Fans

Cardi B seems frustrated by her followers, who don’t believe her when she says she’s moving on from Offset. Cardi tweeted, “I must be a lil toxic cuz I enjoyed cursing ya out today… but we not taking that into 2024. Now have a good day. No make it a bad day!” It’s minor compared to her social media video ordering supporters to “shut the f*** up” about her relationship. Fans questioned her after Cardi and Offset were seen together on Christmas Day, which was unjust considering they spent time with the kids.  Cardi’s response was subtle at first. She liked a post suggesting people were faking reconciliation stories. After Christmas, they were seen at a store in New York City, leading some fans to believe Cardi was back with her husband.

Do you think Cardi and Offset will reconcile in 2024 or divorce?