Chrisean Rock’s New Blueface Ink 100% Real
  • The artist, who inked up Chrisean Rock, recently verified whether the new face tattoo of Blueface was real or not.
  • The proprietor of the Lakimii Tattoo Shop in WeHo said that Chrisean came by for this new face tattoo last Saturday. Despite the fact that they typically have a policy against applying tattoos to someone’s face, they compromised this policy because it was Rock.
  • Due to the fact that it is so intricate and detailed, this work took approximately four hours. The owner didn’t reveal how much they charged Chrisean for this piece, but he did reveal that she has gotten other pieces done by this shop in the past.
  • The owner of the shop also denied the rumors that this tattoo isn’t real, and he claimed that it is 100% authentic.
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