Source: YouTube
  • Country musician Jelly Roll has been enjoying massive success, winning awards and nominations.
  • He recently revealed on a podcast that he almost met Diddy in person but backed out at the last minute due to a bad feeling.
  • “This is the first time in my career, ever, where they said, ‘Do you want to meet such-and-such?’ And I said, ‘Yeah,’ and I started walking that way,” Jelly admits
  • “And as I was getting down the hallway — this is a true story — I said, ‘Nah,’ and went and got back in the car. I don’t know what it was, and I made a joke at first, ‘You don’t wanna meet the guy that got 2Pac killed?’ When we were walking, I was like, I don’t know. Very seldom does things rub me in a way where I was like, ‘I don’t even know if that’s a picture I want.'”
  • Have you ever had a bad feeling about someone before you met them? Was your hunch right?