Danny Brown Opens Up About The Lesson Jay-Z & Kanye West Taught Him
  • Recently, Danny Brown shared the lesson he learned from Jay-Z and Kanye West over borrowing lyrics.
  • Danny said about his song ‘Dip,’ which samples parts of ‘N**gas In Paris,’ “With ‘Dip,’ JAY-Z and Kanye killed my ass. They own that whole muthaf**ka. And that’s one of my biggest songs. I don’t get s**t from that muthaf**ka!”
  • He continued, “I’ll never use a n**ga hook again, man. I learned my lesson, man. Skylar [producer Skylar ‘Skywlkr’ Tait] be mad at me to this day, like, ‘Yeah, that was one of the biggest ones, man. We f**ked up.’ Because you know, he made that beat. We don’t get s**t from that muthaf**ka.”
  • Have you ever been warned about something, but you still went forward with it despite the warning? What happened?