Everyone knows that Kendrick Lamar and Drake Beef has been brewing for some time now, what’s crazy is Kendrick was on Drake’s tour that came to Columbia back in 2010. So what happened between the two?

Recently Kendrick’s pgLang co-founder, Dave Free, allegedly dissed Drake on Instagram, sparking rumors of a social media beef.

Allegedly Free called Drizzy petty for releasing Honestly, Nevermind on Kendrick’s birthday, calling it “the worst album of the year.”

“Narrative shaping is getting out of control. I respect the troll, but at the very least, make me look good if you fake post me,” Free wrote on Twitter, calling out the alleged screenshot evidence.

Fans on Twitter were instantly divided on the story. “Dave Free tryna cover his ass lmao. Sh*t is real,” wrote one. As someone else wrote, “we cant have drake & kendrick lamar beefing in 2022.”

Do you think Dave Free is covering up his pettiness?