Dr. Dre Was Supposed To Produce LL Cool J’s New Album Before Q-Tip
  • Prior to Q-Tip executive producing LL’s new project, Dr. Dre was slated to direct LL COOL J’s new album.
  • The Queens, New York superstar appeared on Way Up With Angela Yee, where he said that he actually recorded 30 to 40 tracks with Dr. Dre, but altered his artistic direction because he felt something wasn’t right.
  • LL said, “So, the real story is that I did about 30 to 40 songs with Dr. Dre, and in doing those songs I felt like — the music was amazing what Dre was bringing to the table was super dope — but I felt like the writing, what I was bringing to these songs didn’t feel strong enough to me.”
  • He continued, “So, I took a pause. Me and Dre just kinda paused for a minute. And I ended up having a dream, and in this dream Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest came to me. When he came in my dream he was like ‘Yo, that album you gonna do with Dre is gonna be dope.’ And I’m looking at him and he’s smirking a little bit.”
  • He added, “He had a funny look on his face. And then when I woke up, I just felt like Q-Tip was on my spirit. So I just called him. He picked up and I told him that I wanted to do an album. We went and did the record and the rest is history.”
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