Drake Allegedly Had Doubts About Performing With J. Cole After Kendrick Lamar Diss
  • Drake reportedly had reservations about performing with J. Cole after Kendrick Lamar dissed them on a track.
  • Mal from the New Rory & Mal podcast shared that Drake questioned whether they should perform together at the Dreamville Festival.
  • Fans speculated that Kendrick’s diss changed the dynamic of their collaboration on “First Person Shooter.”
  • J. Cole publicly apologized to Kendrick during his set at the festival, expressing regret for his previous diss. Neither Drake nor Kendrick have commented on the situation yet.
  • Now that J. Cole has apologized for his diss on Kendrick, should they now put out their joint album?

    J. COLE Performing at DREAMVILLE FEST 2024 @shotbycozyy