Drake and Lil Wayne Spotted Rapping Lyrics From Teleprompter On ‘Blur’ Tour
  • Lil Wayne made a surprise appearance at Drake’s concert in Florida, where fans noticed the use of a teleprompter displaying their lyrics during the performance of “Right Above It.”
  • This sparked a debate on social media about whether it’s normal for rappers to use teleprompters.
  • Wayne has previously mentioned having to Google his own lyrics to remember them. Many fans defended using teleprompters, citing the extensive catalog of songs artists like Wayne have.
  • Overall, the practice of using teleprompters is common among artists of various genres and sizes.
  • Is the performance authentic if an artist uses a teleprompter?
  • https://youtube.com/shorts/M0gbZasW52M?si=Zo_EkeV4yIw1ckPI