Drake ‘Jumbotron Sh**’ Poppin Lil Yachty Reference Track Leaks, Akademiks Blames Metro Boomin
  • Drake’s latest rap track, “Infinity War,” has sparked controversy as Lil Yachty is rumored to be the ghostwriter behind the lyrics, not Quentin Miller.
  • A leaked reference track featuring Yachty rapping Drake’s song “Jumbotron S*** Poppin” has surfaced online, raising questions about the authenticity of Drake’s verses.
  • The track was reportedly sent out as a “Merry Christmas” gift by Metro Boomin, adding fuel to the speculation.
  • Metro has not admitted to the leak, but it could be revenge for his phone being hacked last month.
  • How do you feel about ghostwriters? Does it matter to you if the artist didn’t write their song?