Popcorn Pop-Up fundraiser!

It’s on and poppin! Your favorite Young Professionals are selling popcorn to help raise money for their yearly programming and community service efforts! While we are still sheltering at home and binge-watching Netflix and Amazon Prime, why not offer your family and friends the opportunity to purchase some of the best gourmet popcorn known to man?
Another amazing thing is that the event is 100% online through the CULYPSC Pop-Up Store that you can share with everyone! There is no money for them to collect from you nor forms to fill out. That’s right, all orders and payments are made online and the popcorn is shipped directly to you ANYWHERE IN THE USA!
Plot Twist: the virtual popcorn fundraiser lasts for only 4 days! Yes March 29 through April 2 ONLY. This popcorn is too good to pass up, we promise.
          The link is live now so log on to: https://www.columbiaurbanleague.org/young-professionals
March 30 - April 2
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