FASHION: Royal Gods: Lakera Woodberry



BiancaChardei: Where do you get most of your inspiration and specifically for this line?
Royal Gods: I really am inspired by risk! By creating something I have no idea how people are going to react to. By creating something I have no idea if it will work out . It’s all about the thrill and fun of creating !

Bianca Chardei: When did you know you wanted to be a designer?

Royal Gods: I’ve always wanted to be a wardrobe stylist as long as I can remember . Then I started having thoughts along the way about what if I created things I wanted to see on the runway ! Because I never could find things that fit my off beat over dramatic ideas! I love to be creative so having the ability to create what I style is an awesome experience . CAN YOU SAY DOUBLE TROUBLE?

BiancaChardei: Where do I see my line in figure ?

Royal Gods: I see my brand being one of the top known! I see it most definitely making its mark in the fashion industry and turning heads while climbing to the top ! Being the brand for all Fashion innovators and creatives !


BiancaChardei: Upcoming Events?

Royal Gods: I have a few upcoming events , see below.

About Royal Gods: She’s #edgy, She’s #offbeat, She’s up and coming wardrobe stylist Kera J. Making her embellished and eccentric mark into the Fashion world’s heart one fearless fashion thrill at a time. Kera J is a young South Carolinian who’s name has definitely surpassed the South. She has been featured in many magazines and blogs across the world, Philly Streats, Hollywood unlocked, and Royal Press to name a few . She has also appeared at Nyfw and Lafw showcasing her line. She has recently been endorsed by celebrity stylist Ali Levine joining #TheAliCrew. Her life-long dream has always been to be in the fashion world and her brand Royal Gods is the stepping stone to that dream. LaKera sees no limit into what she can do. Her entire brand is inspired by risk! By creating something she has no idea how people are going to react. It’s all about the thrill and fun of creating ! The brand is all about individuality, the appreciation of art, being Yourself and not apologizing for it. She feels if you’re not creating to create then why bother !



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