Finesse2Tymes Threatens To ‘Smack’ Anyone Who Asks Him About Alleged BBL

Finesse2Tymes is not here for anyone who is spreading the word that he got a BBL, and he will deal with those who bring it up to him. On Instagram, he said he would hit anyone who inquired about it, and even anyone who simply laughed too hard in his way, for that matter. He said, “I ain’t responding about nothing about no BBL. This on my life. If a n**ga see me in traffic and play with me on any type of BBL — and guess what, you can look at me and laugh too hard [and] I’ll smack the s**t out you in public.” He continued, “I’m 31-years-old man. F**k wrong wit y’all? I’m having money, motion, kids. I ain’t got no time to be sitting on no f**king phone trying to explain to y’all all muthaf**kin’ day.” He added, “Ma, I ain’t that in tune with my feminine side. See this what n**gas be getting mixed understood, right? So you don’t supposed to be 100 percent masculine. You supposed to have some type of feminine in you, you know what I’m saying? If you got daughters or if you a ladies man. If you a ladies man, you gotta be in tune with your feminine side a little bit.”

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