Gunplay Challenges DJ Envy To Boxing Match
  • Gunplay doesn’t look like he will be squashing his beef with DJ Envy anytime soon.
  • Instead, he is now challenging the DJ to a boxing match.
  • During an interview, the former MMG rapper made it clear that there’s no love lost between him and The Breakfast Club co-host.
  • “He didn’t realize, you know, that I’ll slap the sh-t outta him,” Gunplay said. “Yo, Envy, wassup? Put on the gloves. Let’s get it!”
  • After Gunplay confirmed that he’d be up for a boxing match with Envy, he added: “We could do it and raise some money for charity, or whatever. He took a jab at my daughter’s situation, and had my wife pretty hurt about it.”
  • Do you think that Gunplay is serious or just digging the extra attention that the beef is bringing to him?


  • The conflict between DJ Envy and Gunplay is still ongoing. Gunplay’s wife claims she is suing the radio host for allegedly defaming her child following their spat over a car show with Rick Ross.
  • The We In Miami podcast posted a portion of their discussion with Gunplay and his wife, Vonshae Taylor-Morales, on Saturday, in which they talked about the controversy surrounding DJ Envy’s GoFundMe page.
  • In the video, Gunplay and his wife issue a celebrity boxing match challenge to The Breakfast Club radio host, with all earnings going to the hospital where their daughter was having treatment for her heart problem.
  • Gunplay’s wife does plan on suing and claimed, “I’m seeing a therapist about all this. It took me to a very traumatic space.”
  • She added, “You can’t just go onto this type of platform with your voice and your followers and say anything that you want. People come at you and not realize like what you’re going through at that time.”
  • Why do you think it is wrong for Gunplay to gift Rick Ross an expensive chain while asking for money through GoFundMe?


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