Kanye West Faces Wrath Of Ryan Garcia
  • Recently, Ryan Garcia shared that Kanye West refused to accompany him ringside because of a joke Garcia made about Diddy.
  • Garcia said, “Kanye told me ‘no.’ He don’t like that I said ‘no Diddy.'”
  • He continued, “Why Kanye mad at me for saying ‘no diddy.’ He lost it when he said he was the New Jesus.”
  • He added, “Kanye thought he was [invincible] he cool but when you say the things you say. Then it will come back around. You really loved Kim and you lost her. Pete had her that’s sad. ‘Carnival’ helped you.”
  • Garcia continued, “Still you really defending someone that the feds on, and the crazy thing is you told everyone about him. And now you changed your tune bc you exalted your self higher then God you aren’t God no one cares about Kanye anymore.”
  • Why do you believe that Ryan Garcia will lose his upcoming fight on 4/20?