Katt Williams Drops New Freestyle Targeting Ludacris
  • Recently, Katt Williams released a new freestyle, responding to Ludacris’ freestyle.
  • Katt rapped, “I’m coming for your number one spot/One of us a killer and the other one is not/ One of us the realest and the other one a fraud.”
  • He continued, “Oh Chris, I wish it never came to this/And you are pissed, rap for free for the first time but you dissin’ this/The wrong side of history in a time like this/So Ludacris/Sorry Uterus/You were infant chronicles, n***a, you ain’t new to this.”
  • He added, “In real life, I’m Fast and Furious/In real life, you’re bi-curious. You heard the interview on ‘Club Shay Shay,’ I gave ’em all a payday/ I’m still going fu**ing viral so who care what the haters say/ Ludacris, you must be out your rabbit-a*s mind/ You made a rap song but, n***a, you ain’t say I’m f**king lying.”
  • What do you think of Katt Williams’ response?
  • Listen Below..
  • https://youtu.be/12oU0Cs5x18?si=NIbrohH1NVmPg_AX

In Other Katt Williams News…

New Tupac Posthumous Album Featuring Cardi B In The Works From Katt Williams

  • Those who are lovers of 2Pac’s music are going to be pleased to learn that Katt Williams is in the process of putting together a new posthumous album that will also feature Cardi B.
  • On the most recent episode of Suge Knight’s Collect Call podcast, Katt had a conversation with Knight about a project involving Pac that he is now working on.
  • Knight said, “What you got going on with some of those unreleases with ‘Pac, s**t, you got me excited. The different people you said you’re gonna put on there. I don’t wanna let the cat out the bag but it’s unbelievable.”
  • Katt said that he will feature 8 artists and one of those artists is Cardi B.
  • Williams added, “She’s going to mix with him nicely. Everybody that’s on it is a piece of him, in a way.”
  • He didn’t share when this project would drop, but he definitely confirmed that he is working on it.
  • Which other artists would you like to see featured on this album who remind you of Tupac?