Kendrick Lamar ‘Not Like Us’ Boosts Tam’s Burgers’ Business 40 Percent

Local L.A. burger joint Tam’s Burgers says they’re stacking bread and cheese like their famous meal after Kendrick Lamar featured his hometown burger shop in his “Not Like Us” video. After K. Dot released the smash music video on July 4, Tam’s manager, Lauro Hernandez, and his son, Bryan Noe, told TMZ Hip Hop that customers had been flooding their Rosecrans Ave location in Compton all weekend. Lauro and Bryan said they’re getting a lot of tourist business in addition to local support. Many fans said “Not Like Us” was why they came. When the video dropped, Tam’s business soared 30–40 percent. Kendrick and ‘NLU’ producer DJ Mustard arrived at Tam’s in a Lambo and joined dancer Storm DeBarge during the song’s second verse. Lauro says most generally order the bacon cheeseburger, Kendrick’s favorite. Lauro says he’s known Kendrick since he was a teenager and is amazed that he returns to his roots and had no problems shutting down for the day so the video could be filmed. It seems it paid off, as the video has amassed over 35 million views.

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