Source: YouTube
  • Recently, Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid Mad City has just achieved a new chart record and shows that fans love it more as the classic album ages.
  • Reportedly, the album has been on the Billboard 200 chart since its release in 2012, which makes this the 600th week it’s been on the chart and the first and only hip-hop album to do so.
  • Earlier, Em said about Kendrick’s GKMC, “When I first heard Kendrick’s debut on Aftermath, I couldn’t believe it. The fact that it was his first real album and he was able to make it a story that intertwines with the skits like that was genius.”
  • Also, Kendrick Lamar just dropped his response to Drake called ‘Euphoria,’ which many fans are loving online.
  • Which Eminem album is your favorite?