Lil Durk Shares That He Confronted DaBaby Over NBA YoungBoy Album
  • Lil Durk recently said that he questioned DaBaby over NBA YoungBoy’s album sales and his association with YoungBoy.
  • King Von, a close friend and colleague of Durk’s, was shot and died in November 2020 following a dispute between their respective crews by a member of Quando Rondo, a Never Broke Again artist. According to Durk, this is the cause of the ill will between him and NBA YoungBoy.
  • Then, while criticizing YoungBoy’s street cred, he showed amusement at him “taking responsibility” for Von’s death in a number of songs.
  • Durk said, “Scared of who? For what? What he do?! I’m speaking for the whole of Chicago: you ain’t there? Shut the f**k up. You made a diss and said something about Von, that’s why I don’t f**k with you. You ain’t did s**t! You did zero, in reality.”
  • He continued on his feud with NBA YoungBoy, “It ain’t have nothing to do with Asian [Doll], none of that s**t. Von put the Floyd Mayweather on the muthaf**ka, and what happened happened. That’s a different situation. His situation, what did he do? What did YoungBoy do for everybody to want me and him to kill each other? … What did he do to Von? Okay, cool. So why are you taking full responsibility like you did something to Von? [For] sales?”
  • He added about confronting DaBaby, “I DM’d DaBaby and told him, I’m like, ‘Hey fam, whatever you got going on when y’all doing a tape, that’s y’all.’ You feel me? That’s when the other bulls**t came out, ‘Waving the white flag in my DM.'”
  • Durk continued, “We was on the Future tour. They like, ‘DaBaby here.’ Ask him yourself, call him. I pulled him in a room — not on no ‘come here!’ I was like, ‘Check it out.’ He’s like, ‘What?’ ‘That’s small s**t, little s**t. Let’s get to the money. You see what they tryna do to you? We don’t have no beef. Why? I don’t give a f**k ’cause you did an album with that man. That s**t sold how much?'”
  • Why do you think NBA YoungBoy is taunting Lil Durk over King Von’s death?