Ma$e ‘Prays’ For Cam’ron As He Runs Into Mike Tyson After Jake Paul Comments

Recently, Cam’ron shared that he believes that Jake Paul will win against Mike Tyson, and he ran into Mike after his comments, which triggered a reaction from Ma$e. Cam said, “Mike is my man [but] this is my prediction for the fight: if Mike don’t get him out of there in five rounds, then I believe that Jake Paul’s gonna win the fight.” Ma$e replied, “Killa, I hope you don’t see Mike. Mike gonna want to talk to you about that.” On another episode of It Is What It Is, Ma$e started the show and said, “Cam is on his way here, he’s probably not gonna make this show. He was calling me while he was getting on this flight and he had some sad news.” He continued, “Mike Tyson, the guy he was running his mouth about, was standing right behind him when I saw him on FaceTime.” He added, “So for everybody watching this, pray for Cam right now. I’m praying for Cam, you pray for Cam that Mike Tyson did not take his comments seriously. This is what happens when you run your mouth. How ironic was it that Mike Tyson was there right behind him?”

Who do you think will win this fight?