Nicki Minaj Sued For Allegedly Damaging Borrowed Jewelry, She Denies It
  • Nicki Minaj is being sued for unpaid bills for custom jewelry, but her attorney denies responsibility and accuses the jeweler of seeking publicity.
  • Nicki’s stylist, Brett Alan Nelson, signed a contract with Roseark jewelry store to loan jewelry for a public appearance, according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ.
  • The store says Brett had to return the bling in a week and pay for any damages. Roseark says Nicki’s stylist didn’t return 66 pieces of jewelry on time, and some were damaged when returned.
  • Nicki claims the pieces were returned on time, and the store only complained about a missing stone a while later after it was returned. The jewelry store sent Brett invoices for $26,239.50 plus interest for damage. Roseark hasn’t been paid despite their attempts to collect. Nicki’s lawyer, Jordan Siev, claims the jewelry store seeks publicity and says he will defend the lawsuit vigorously.”
  • Do you think the store should’ve said something about the broken jewelry immediately after it was returned? Who is at fault?