Rick Ross’ Ex Claims He’s In Diddy’s ‘Freak-Off’ Tapes: ‘You Scared Now, Huh?’
  • Rick Ross’ ex-girlfriend Tia Kemp has accused the rapper of being involved in Diddy’s alleged sex tapes, taunting him on Instagram and challenging him to address the claims.
  • Kemp also claimed that Ross was hiding a child that resembled Drake and criticized his parenting.
  • Ross has not responded to the allegations, and Kemp has previously been issued a cease-and-desist order by Ross for making defamatory statements.
  • “Don’t be scared now! No Diddy. You scared now, huh? I know you on them tapes. Freaky bi__h. I know you is. 10 children having muthafu__a. I ain’t gonna let off you … What you quiet for?” Tia taunted online.
  • Do you think Diddy has “freak off” tapes like Hugh Hefner?