Sexyy Red Involved in Airport Brawl

Sexyy Red was arrested at a Newark, New Jersey, airport, where she and several others were involved in a brawl at 1:00 am. In a surveillance video, Sexyy Red is seen holding a stanchion as if she’s getting ready to hit someone with it. Luckily, a man pushes her away, so she never hits anyone. The “Poundtown” rapper then tries to hit someone with her Croc shoe; however, another male pulls her back to keep her from hitting anyone. It’s unclear what started the fight. Some who were involved were arrested for assault, while Sexxy Red was arrested for disorderly conduct. Sexyy did comment on the brawl on her IG Stories, saying anyone whose phone was damaged during the incident should send her a DM, and she would replace their phone.

If it were you, would you take Sexxy Red up on her offer to replace your phone, or would you press charges?