Source: YouTube
  • Recently, Slum Village opened up about their relationship with Kanye West and how much Kanye charged them for his feature on their classic track, ‘Selfish.’
  • RJ said, “The real story? Because you got the PC version of the story. We walk in the studio. [Ye’s] sitting there. John Legend’s sitting there. Matter of fact, [Ye] had a burgundy Polo sweater. Cashmere. Kanye made the beat for ‘Selfish.’ So we walk in there, he’s like, ‘This the joint.’ Ain’t no options. This the only beat he played. ‘This the beat. This it for y’all.’ We like, ‘Okay.’ Everybody looking around like, ‘Okay, yeah. We can work with this.'”
  • T3 added about the $90,000 price tag from Ye, “The only reason he charged that was because of a certain A&R that turned him down when he was looking for a record deal. He was getting payback.”
  • What are your top three favorite Kanye West beats of all time?