T.I.’s Son King Harris Threatens To ‘Pull Up’ On Druski Over Song
  • Recently, King Harris, T.I.’s son, issued a threat to Druski over Druski’s new song ‘Standing On Business,’ which King takes credit for.
  • King said, “I gotta pull up on Druski. Let me show y’all something.”
  • He continued, “I ain’t created it but I’m the one that got everybody saying it. That s**t’s been on years and years but when you ask who got the news saying it, who got ESPN saying it, who got football players saying it, who got kids saying it, who got everybody saying it. It’s me.”
  • He added, “Sadly, man, when me and my pops had an altercation, that’s when everybody came out standing on business. When they come to the news talking about standing on business, that’s me. When they talk about why they can’t say standing on business in class, that’s me.”
  • King continued, “Druski was saying that all this s**t ain’t happening. I’m just being real. I’m about to go pull up on Druski. I gotta go pull up on this n**ga talking how he’s standing on business in Atlanta filming a video.”
  • What would you do if your child was making threats online?