Trina Gives Update On Current Relationship w/ Nicki Minaj + Shares She Wasn’t Being Shady When She Named Beyoncé The Queen Of Rap

Trina recently reiterated her stance that Beyoncé is the ‘Queen of Rap’ over Nicki Minaj, despite acknowledging Minaj as one of her top rappers. She discussed the issues surrounding her collaboration with Minaj on the song “BAPS,” which was marred by mismanagement and personal struggles. “Everything I needed done from the song as far as radio to move forward came directly from Nicki, they don’t know that,” Trina clarified. Trina praised Beyoncé’s artistry and defended her as a top-tier rapper, while also crediting Minaj, Missy Elliott, and Lil Kim. Trina clarified with Carlos King that her comment regarding Beyoncé as her favorite rapper stemmed from her emotions following the Renaissance Tour. “First off, I’m fresh off the Renaissance Tour, let’s be very clear. I’m stan’d out. You can’t deny or take credit away from nothing that Beyoncé do. I just love Beyoncé, it was in the hype of the moment.”

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