Ok, so Kanye and Drake have been beefing recently. Well, Kanye has been beefing with Drake….or maybe Kanye has been beefing with us all on Twitter regarding his feelings about Drake. Either way, there’s not good energy surrounding the names Drake and Kanye when used in the same sentence. So it’s a little odd to see a few of Kanye’s in laws at Drake’s New Years Eve bash. Of course we not only got word of the kitty NYE celebration but there are also pictures. It looks like Kylie was there with her boo Travis Scott, and it looks like Kendall was there with Ben Simmons. Yes, the Ben Simmons that used to be with Tinashe….JUICE spilling all over the place here huh?

We’re still waiting to see what Kanye has to say about all of this, stay tuned.

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