Yo Gotti Didn’t Know He Had To Pay Property Taxes On Houses He Paid Cash For — ‘They Didn’t Teach Me That In School’

Rapper Yo Gotti recently revealed his ignorance about property taxes during an interview, revealing he didn’t know he had to pay them on houses he bought with cash.  He viewed taxes as a celebration due to gifts received during tax season. This lack of financial literacy extended to his real estate investments, leading to a warning letter about unpaid property taxes. Yo Gotti now educates artists under his label about financial literacy to prevent similar issues.  “One of the things I do, we make sure that [the] first time we give you a dollar, make sure you’re doing this, and we even advise certain things, ‘Make sure you get you a CPA,’” he said. “I’m givin’ you the information, like, ‘Yo, you need this’ and ‘This why,’ and I’m giving them examples. ‘This is what happened to me. This what happens, so make sure this don’t happen to you.’”

What piece of financial knowledge did you not know about until you got into a bad situation?